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SlideKeeper is our affordable service to make your photo history available by converting your entire library of slides into digital pictures on easily duplicated discs.

The Sweet Spot

“Slidekeeper's service aims to deliver the sweet spot balancing price, turn-around time and image quality. The right price so you don't have to sort through each slide by hand beforehand to decide which you can afford to convert. The right quality so video projection and scrapbook prints sourced from our discs look as good as the originals did on the silver screen. The right technology to keep your wait short and our service affordable. We return two verified complete disc copies- one to share and duplicate, another for safekeeping. Choose us!”

Don't want to bother with all the computer-ese? Buy the 'digital picture frame' that fits your decor from your local store. Send it to us and add our SlideKeeper digital picture frame to your order. We'll set it up and load your photos. All you do is plug it in: each of your slides in constant rotation will appear as if individually printed and framed, displayed for the amount of time you ask for when you order.

Check out the 'web friendly' quick-load low-resolution samples below! Click on the photos below, then save the image to your own system. Use a photo viewing program on the saved image to see the full-quality of each sample of we delivered on each digital photo disc. (Note: the full quality versions might take some time to load).

Mom with baby on a rope swing.


Elderly lady debarking a train


Grandpa greets baby grandchild


Young man in college quad


Infant happy about new sweater


Fancy dinner table


Grand old gent in front of early automobile


baby in highchair with toy


Choose Slidekeeper!

You provide: Photos mounted in standard slides. Click here to learn how we handle your slides, ways to save and legal terms.

You receive: Pairs of identical, labeled, DVD discs holding data-verified digital conversions of your photographs in standard still digital image photography format. One to share, one to protect. Have them copied or printed at your local photo store or view them as a 'slideshow' on DVD-R disc-format capable computer or disc player! Click here to learn more about the discs we create and how your photos are arranged.

How will the converted slides look? As good as the slides did on your ten foot diagonal big silver projection screen back in the day, a little better if the photo was a bit dark. Professional electronic photography 'air brush' artists can do amazing restorations and super-high resolution digital conversions for large format printing

Our standard processing offers photographer-operators watching for problems, rotating mis-inserted slides, deleting all-black or all-white frames, and using digital photography techniques to modestly improve too-dark or too-bright images. To see unretouched samples of our work, check out our 'web friendly' lower-resolution examples to the left and try the links there to a see some full-quality images (warning: these take time to load) . Disclaimer: We're good but not magical, there will always be a trace of quality loss when converting from film to digital. If your slide is out of focus, nearly all black or so faint as to be nearly all white, only an artist spending one to dozens of hours per slide can improve it.

How much does it cost? Somewhere between $0.14 and $0.26 per slide, not counting taxes and shipping, depending on how many slides you send, whether you send the slides already in Kodaktm compatible carousels or not, and whether you desire unattended or photographer-enhanced processing. Click here to see our price list. We are able to offer this lower than generally available price as we use our own custom equipment built for volume processing. Our service is very attractive from 140 slides and up, and competitive between 80 and 140 slides. We do best in the thousands. If you have 80 or fewer slides to convert, we suggest having them converted at walk-in photo shops. Payment expected with the order. Mastercard and Visa accepted. First time customers paying by check: allow time for checks to clear. Try us out on a small batch to gain confidence!

Call (563) 332-4970 or email sales@slidekeeper.com to get started!

How long will it take? We have thousands to convert. If your job will take longer than a week, we'll let you know. We can handle a few thousand slides per day easily, several thousand per day at a 50% surcharge if there is time pressure.

Website Privacy: We don't place cookies on your computer, nor keep or collect any information about you over the internet except for your internet address and the time, duration and pages viewed during your visit. If you place an order with us it is over an SSL secure connection: all such information will be kept only as required by tax law and GAAP accounting practices. Only with your permission will we share your contact information, but no financial information, with third parties.